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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been looking for a easy to build, sturdy kayak rack — this is it! I don’t have a tonneau cover on my truck, so it should be simple. Any suggestions for attaching it to the truck bed, that is my only concern, since in Texas some of the speed limits are 85 lol. I have previously met a guy who had his wooden track help to his truck with giant C clamps, which sounded workable. What do you think?

    1. I should have put this in the article. The other article I had the same question and answered it in the comments. What I did was drill a 3/8 hole through the rail and the truck box rail and dropped a carriage bolt through it on both sides. if you don’t have a tonneau cover though a couple c clamps in the front should be good. With the two carriage bolts I’m able to do 80 mph with no worries.

  2. OK duh … I thought I had checked that words on that lol it should say I have previously met a guy who had his wooden rack held to his truck…. If you could fix that I’d appreciate it.

    1. Let me know if you want any more info. Sorry I don’t have plans available, the whole project came out of my head, but in reality any cut list I have would only fit a 2014 short box GMC. A couple things I’d do differently would be to make the cross bars slightly longer (4-6 inches) as its always easier to cut a board back rather than stretch it out. I’d also be tempted to use 3/4 inch pipe instead of 2x4s for the cross bars so I could use store available thule or sport rack parts for bike racks or boat racks.

  3. Wow! Thanks for the quick answer. And I should have mentioned that I did see the other post, I’m just a baby about drilling holes in my truck LOL. The only concern I have about the C clamps is that the rack that they were on had the 2×4 flat so the clamp would reach. Your design, which I think is better, has the two-by-four on edge and I don’t think the C-clamp will reach. If I were to screw a board along the edge to hold the clamps, I’m not sure I would trust it. This over thinking and wussiness is why after 2 years of planning, I still don’t have a rack lol

    1. I have some 6 inch C claps that would reach, what I was originally going to do is put a pin into the stake in the stake pocket but the hardware from the tonneau cover was in the way. Before I drilled any holes I took it for a drive with a ratchet strap hooked to the box and looped over the front cross bar and that worked really well aside from not being able to close the top… Not an issue in your case though.

  4. Thanks! I think the pin in the stake pocket will work but since I’m sort of a belt and suspenders kind of gal I’ll probably throw a ratchet strap over the top too. Now what should I do with those expensive (well $5 ea) giant C clamps I bought LOL

  5. How did you attach the rack to your truck box rail? Did you use your stake pocket holes? I have a Chevy Silverado crew cab 2015 so it should be a similar box as yours.

    1. The 4 uprights are all in the stake pockets. I had to cut the ends down so they would fit, apparently you can’t just drop a 2×4 in a stake pocket anymore.

    1. No I don’t. I just measured and cut everything on the fly. Most of the measurements are specific to the vehicle anyway.

      1. Thank you for checking. I’ve a ’12 chevy short box. I think I’ll heed your advise. Cutting long (wider for two canoes) and use pipe for future versatility.

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