DIY Wood Kitchen Countertops

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While planning out our kitchen remodel we debated between all of the standard countertop materials (laminate, stone, quartz, etc…) We eventually settled on doing a combination of concrete and wood. We decided to do concrete on the stove side and wood on the sink side, largely because I’ve done wood countertops before so I knew how to do them, and the shape for the sink would be a bit more complex than I was comfortable with for doing concrete for the first time.
I started by digging through the pile of lumber we’d milled almost 2 years ago for the clearest and nicest boards I could find. I cut them all to rough length and since most of them were 12 inches wide or wider I ripped them down to 3 inch strips. I selected the best of the best and glued them into a slab. After trimming the slab to length I hit it with a 36 grit belt on my belt sander to even out the surface and remove the glue squeeze out. Then I ran it through my tablesaw and cut it to width.
I carried the slab up to the house and marked out where the sink would be. After cutting it out with the jigsaw I put the slab back in place and marked exactly where I wanted to cut with the template from the sink and a couple marks straight off where the sink was sitting. I did the second set of cuts with a circular saw and a straight edge for the straight portion and the jigsaw for the curves. I smoothed the curves with a combo of rasp and file, test fitted the whole thing again and then went at it with the belt sander and then random orbit sander going through the grits until 220.
We went with a dark walnut danish oil for the finish followed by a coat of natural danish oil. We still need to do a couple more coats of finish but like many things the counter was functional so it’s time to move on…

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