Endgrain pine cutting board

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So being unwilling to throw out the cut off from the sink I decided to try my hand at making an endgrain cutting board. I ran the off cuts from the ends and the sink through the table saw to make them all a consistent thickness and then flipped them on edge to run through my table saw again to joint the edges. After they were all square and the same dimensions it was a simple matter of gluing them all together and letting it sit in the clamps overnight. After it came out of the clamps I used the belt sander with a 36 grit belt to take off all the squeeze out and to flatten the cutting board. Then the boy and I worked up through the grits to 120 and then used the random orbit sander from 80 to 150 grit. After liberally applying a coat of mineral oil I let it sit for a couple days and reapplied. That was a month ago and now it is our go to cutting board. It needs the occasional reapplication of mineral oil to keep it looking fresh but other than that it is great.