The vanity nears completion…

As you can see we’re one step closer to being finished. The water is hooked up and running. The most expensive part of this whole project was the 1 3/4 inch socket and the adapter I bought to tighten down the sink from below. Who knew that the hardest part of the whole thing would be figuring out how to tighten the sink down, apparently they don’t make extended sink drains for running through thicker countertops.

i think the best part about having it hooked up is being able to wash your hands in the middle of the sink. Very few things are more irritating than a short sink spout… First world problems hey?

DIY adjustable mitre saw supports…

So I had to square up and cut several long boards and I have nothing to support the ends so I found myself wishing I had some sort of adjustable roller stand. Since it was 7 o’clock at night, and I live in an area where the town shuts down at 5, I decided to see what I could throw together quickly.

A straightish stick

I started with a straight 2×2 (approximately) that I had left over from the counter top and cut a couple 2 and 1/2 foot pieces.







Next I cut a piece about 10 inches long and cut one end at a 45 degree angle and then screwed the 3 pieces together, then put a 3rd piece as a kickstand.

IMG_0094I screwed a couple of scrap pieces of OSB to the bottom for feet and then slid the remaining piece of 2×2 in between the longer pieces.

IMG_0095I screwed a couple more pieces of scrap OSB to the top along with some spacers and put some shorter pieces on as straps to keep the adjustable part inline.

IMG_0097I adjusted it to the right height and then put a screw through one of the straps to hold it at that height. As a prototype it works pretty good but you have to orient it so the kick stand is facing the saw or it has a tendency to fall over. It would be easy to use a clamp to tighten it up so you could make it more adjustable but this will pretty much be in the same place until I build a bit more of an elegant looking stand… because you know nothing says fine furniture like OSB…