The New Door

In an attempt to give us slightly more space and perhaps facilitate the flow of heat through the house we decided to close in the front porch. 

The area is roughly 7×7 and opens to the west, which is where the prevailing wind comes from in the winter. Yay for us. There is a laminated 6×6 beam that carries the load from the roof and since there wasn’t enough room to put a header above the rough opening (only 5 inches clearance) I decided to assume it wasn’t needed in this case.

After the framing was done I closed it in with OSB and then covered it all with #30 felt paper to provide a water and air barrier.

 It was about this time when I got the door put in when I discovered that I should have checked how level the floor is. Suffice it to say there is almost an inch difference. Now the out of square door will bother me forever. 

I ripped some 1×6 cedar in half to use as the trim and then ripped another piece in half again for the strip over the lintle. I also put a slight bevel on the horizontal surfaces to aid the shedding of water which probably isn’t strictly necessary given there is at least 3 feet of over hang.  


Fortunately the position of the door and the cedar shakes I used coincided and I had to do very little cutting in order to get a nice fit. I used a off cut price of the 1×6 cedar as a spacer for positioning of the shakes which gave me a 5 1/2 inch reveal. It worked out about right.

Now here is the completed project. 

Now on to the next project. Maybe I’ll finally complete the vanity.