Milling up a 350 year old Douglas fir

The bathroom vanity was the first exposure to this particular tree. The wood I used for that I cut out free hand with my chainsaw and then gradually cut it down to size which resulted in a significant amount of waste. I recently obtained an Alaskan sawmill for my larger chainsaw and I picked up a long enough bar to reach all the way across. I used a ladder as a guide to make the first cut then just used the cut surface after that.  
It was surprisingly easy to run the saw and my wife had no difficulty in pushing it through. I’m guessing it cut at about 1 foot per minute which it was surprising given it was making a 28 inch cut.   

 The first cut we took at 3 inches to get rid of the hack job that free hand cutting had left, and the rest we cut at 2 inches. I guesstimate there is about 120 board feet with at least that much again still left to be cut out.   

The log is in the center of our property and not particularly vehicle accessible so we pulled the trailer as close as we could with the truck, hauled it the rest of the way with the UTV and then packed the slabs down to it. They are surprisingly light. I don’t think the heaviest one weighed more than 100 pounds. Finally, there they are dry piled in our wood shed. We’ll see how well they dry.