The newest additions to the farm

About a month ago our naked neck hen got broody so about three weeks ago we isolated her with some eggs. Yesterday I heard some peeping and found two of the six eggs were hatched out. One of them is a naked neck too… Here’s hoping she’s a hen as well.


Garden update

So I had a request to show a few more pictures of the garden, particularly the trellised pumpkins.  


My log planters I made in about 10 minutes with my chainsaw and some half rotten logs I had on hand. Maybe I’ll post a few pictures about how I did that.  
The lettuce started off pretty late and slow but it’s going good now. The garlic on the end is doing good and I hope it’ll be ready to replant by September. 


This bit is our experiment with permaculture. We have blueberries, haskaps, and currants as permanent plants interspersed with a few cabbages and some sort of creeping flower ground cover.  We put down newspaper and then 4 inches of wood chips. Experience has shown that you need to use cardboard or at least 5 or more layers of newspaper, or perhaps more mulch in order to kill the grass.  

Vertical gardening

 A while back we planted some pumpkins and squash and Wednesday we decided to build a trellis for the vines to climb. We have the space to let them spread but we also have a ton of saplings around so we thought we’d see how they did as a trellis and to see how the pumpkins grow vertically.  It looks cool if nothing else.