The manly rooster…

Our chicks are getting bigger, this morning we heard the first crowing from the rooster. I’m sad it wasn’t the first squawks but I still thought the manly crow from this guy was entertaining.

The newest additions to the farm

About a month ago our naked neck hen got broody so about three weeks ago we isolated her with some eggs. Yesterday I heard some peeping and found two of the six eggs were hatched out. One of them is a naked neck too… Here’s hoping she’s a hen as well.


Feeding the chickens ants

The boy and I were out having an adventure when we ran across a nest of red ants and decided to open it up to see if there were any eggs to look at. There were a lot. This got me wondering if chickens would eat them, so we got a shovel and bucket and carried about 3 gallons of ant nest to the hens. They were hesitant at first but I enticed them in with a bit of scratch and as soon as they realized the eggs were tasty they became veritable ant egg snipers. ┬áNow I just need to train them to scratch up ant hills and I’ll be in the pest control business.